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Research activities

Innovative materials for energy and industry: development and study of advanced ceramic materials for structural, thermostructural and functional applications, with an interdisciplinary approach particularly addressed to the introduction of new products into the market or the improvement of the production processes. These goals are achieved by optimizing the structural and/or functional properties that are closely related to the process conditions for their production..

Technologies for materials development and components production: components engineering aims at demonstrating the applicability and benefits of using innovative materials. Processes scale-up and prototypes production are performed in the pilot and demonstration plants of the laboratory.

Additive Manufacturing materials and technologies: study and development of 3D printable raw materials for advanced ceramics. Characterizations of feedstock and materials. Development of prototypes and small series of different materials. Optimization of the thermal treatments. Surface functionalization of 3D printed ceramic components. Qualifications of 3D printed finished products..

Mechanical, physico-chemical and microstructural characterisation: the definition of the materials characteristics is an essential part of the development of new processes and materials (monolithic and composite ceramics, polymeric matrix composites, metals, building materials and fertilizers).

The Laboratory of Material Technologies Faenza provides qualified consultancy and services to enterprises and public administrations, offering its specific expertise and its instrumental equipment.

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